Saturday, January 1, 2011

Starting My Photography Journey in the Snow

So, technically, I'm already breaking the rules of the 365 blog.  I took these pictures on Thursday, and I'm posting more than one.  Oh well.  My blog.  My rules.  =)

It's been immensely cold in Arizona (comparitively speaking).  I realize that this is not uncommon winter weather for anyone who lives pretty much anywhere in the U.S. but the desert, but I'm an Arizona native.  So, I've been living in multiple layers and two pairs of fuzzy socks, and still huddled under a blanket.  With this crazy Arizona winter storm, it also brought snow to Tucson!  It happens once in a blue moon, but it's always exciting.  Granted, it melted once it hit the pavement (except in certain parts of town - not ours).  But snow flakes are snow flakes!  With the snow fall, it inspired us to bundle up Bella and drive up to Oracle (about 45 min north of our house), which saw a pretty decent amount of snow!  And certainly for the Tucson area.

We set Bella down in the snow, and within about a minute she tried to take a step in the two inch deep snow, and immediately fell down.  She didn't have gloves (we live in Tucson, afterall...), and her hands were cold and wet.  Needless to say, she was not loving the snow.

She did much better once she was safe in Daddy's arms though.

Trying to put her back in the snow = fail.

But after warming back up in the car, she was ready for round 2.

I was even able to pry her out of her daddy's arms for a few pictures with me.  Anyone that knows Bella knows what a daddy's girl she is, so these pictures with her made me a very happy mama.

And then back to the arms of her daddy.

As we were heading home, we took a detour down a quaint little road to see more of the snow and scenery.  As we passed a cattle crossing sign (not a terribly uncommon sight), we happened upon some cattle on the side of the road (which IS an uncommon sight!).  I couldn't resist snapping a few pictures from the car window.

And here he is in black and white

We also passed this cute little snowman that someone had taken the time to build.  I loved seeing a snowman in front of snow covered cactus.  A completely abnormal sight.

Snow covered mountains in the desert.  It happens.

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  1. Your photos look great! Definitely cold weather for you guys! Can't wait to follow your 365!



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