Tuesday, December 28, 2010

New Year, New Goals, New Blog (or at least an active one!)

Hello everyone (all 6 of you!)  ;-)

As the New Year approaches, I can't help but think about some fresh starts in my life.  A few areas in particular have grabbed my attention, and I'm hoping to set some goals and make some changes in my life to make 2011 a really great year.  As some of you may know, 2010 was full of some really difficult times for me, and I am looking forward to the fresh start of 2011.  Of course, 2010 was also full of happiness and pretty amazing moments too (specifically related to my close friends and family - especially a select few of you! - my husband, and especially my bright-eyed little girl).  However, with all that I have been through this year, I can't help but sit here and be a little reflective and a bright-eyed optimist for what the new year will bring. 

Here are my goals to help fill my life with happiness in 2011:

1.  A big one for me!!  Photography!!  Before Bella was born, we bought a used Canon 20D (a very nice DSLR camera - although a little old, it takes some pretty amazing photos - assuming you know what you are doing!!).  This camera has always frustrated me because it was not a point and shoot, and therefore I had no idea what I was doing, and therefore my pictures always looked terrible when I used it.  As some of you may know, I'm a bit of a photography fan. I love looking at pictures, especially beautiful ones, and I made a decision that I need to know how to use this camera to start taking good pictures.  Thus, my photography obsession began.  I got a new lens for my birthday (and Christmas - one of those combo gifts that I normally hate, but this year I love it!).  Since getting it, I have been immersing myself into learning the photography foreign language (words like aperture, bokeh, metering, ISO, etc are no longer quite so foreign to me).  I can already see a huge improvement since figuring some of this out, but I still have a long way to go, which brings me to one of my goals:

- A 365 Day Photo Challenge.  Not a new concept, by any stretch of the imagination, but I am setting a goal to take at least one photo every day this year.  I hope to focus on building specific photography skills this year, and hopefully get a few great pictures along the way.  I'm not going to lie - most of my photos will be of my daughter, but I'll try to throw in some non-Isabella photos to keep things interesting.  I know myself.  I know that I will not update this blog every single day.  Look at my track record.  haha  However, I really want to build on my photography skills, so I think that will hold me more accountable to this blog.  I'm really excited for this challenge, and even if I can do it weekly, I will be good with that.  =)

Here are a few recent favorite photos from Christmas time.

2.  Getting healthier and losing some weight.  It's time.  I'm trying to set realistic goals as far as working out and eating healthier so that I can try to stick to it over time.  This is always so hard for me, but with a very active little girl, this is something I need to do.  Plus, I definitely want to lose some weight before we try for a second baby, and time is passing very quickly...  I'm not going to get super specific here on my goals, but hopefully I can stick with it this year.  I feel ready.

3.  Disneyland.  It's calling to me.  I need some pixie dust and Disney magic this year.  And some more special moments like this...

4.  Spend more time with these girls.  Hopefully 2011 brings us some fun adventures together.


5.  And most important - lots of quality time with these two.  This year, whenever things got tough, these two have been my constant source of happiness and love.  Despite all I've been through this year, I have to say that I have had a pretty amazing year - due mostly to my husband and daughter. 


  1. Those are some awesome pictures!! I'm excited to follow this all...which means you HAVE to post!!

  2. Can we start planning Disneyland now? I need to go! :)



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