Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Day Out with My Girl

Last week, Bella and I went out to the Lost Barrio Shops.  They are these cute little shops, tucked down a little side street off of a busy road here in Tucson.  The street was quiet, but for the shop owners and employees that were coming and going.  We did not get to spend much time in the shops themselves, due to way too many attractive (and breakable) things for my little one to grab.  Temptation was just a bit too much for her.  ;-)

However, I found the bright, colorful shops to be a cute backdrop for some photos of my girl.  And Bella loved the fact that every single store had like 6 steps to climb up and down.  I was hoping to get some further away shots to capture the feel of the area, but Bella was having none of that.  Perhaps I'll go back soon since I now have my 28mm lens. 

Regardless, I had a blast with my little girl and got a few cute shots. 

Really, this little mini-photo shoot was inspired by the fact that my girl's hair was finally long enough for barettes!  Look!  Real barettes in her hair!  I was swooning over this, and thus had to go take some photos. 

Doesn't she look so grown up?  I can't believe it!

She got her daddy's gorgeous eyelashes.  Lucky, lucky girl!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My Little Fairy

I'm digging these photos out of the archives (last month).  Apparently, I never got around to sharing them.  They certainly aren't perfect, but my little girl is running around Old Navy with fairy wings, so I kind of love them regardless...  =)

I missed focus in these (especially in the second one), but look at that face running through the store! 

And then she made a friend.  They became BFF's for all of about 20 minutes, bonding over the ball basket.

Stay tuned for Isabella's upcoming fairy birthday party.  Two.  How is that possible?

I think if I go back and get these wings, her party will be a big hit.


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