Tuesday, May 25, 2010

What's this? A blog?

My few followers are probably scratching their heads right now, confused to see a blog entry from me. I know, I know. I've been a terrible blogger. Er, non-blogger. My Isabella photo books kind of took over my creative soul, as well as much of my free time (well, and let's be fair - Facebook and the Tini have not helped...). But I want to try to get back into this, so here I am!

Definitely not jumping backwards in time at this point. That's WAY too much blogging, so instead, I'll just start over with today and the most recent things going on in our lives.

Ray has been doing more brewing the past few months. He still doesn't brew nearly as much as before Isabella, but he's starting to work it into his life more and more again. I know he loves to brew, and I'm happy that he is finding the time to do it again.

Isabella likes to help. =)

Of course, she also just likes to be anywhere and everywhere that her Daddy is. So, that may be part of it. What a Daddy's girl she is!

This is a common occurance... Clinging to her Daddy's legs, saying, "Up, up, up, up, up, up, up" in a soft little voice. Although, it mostly sounds like "Puh... puh... puh... puh... puh... puh..." since she mostly just makes the P sound over and over again. Until she just gets mad and starts whining... ;-)

And speaking of my Isabella photo books, I have found myself practically redoing my 2009 book in My Canvas. It's amazing how satisfied you can be with a project until you look at it 6 months later and start to combine projects together. All of a sudden, I find myself changing almost every single page to get our version of the book that I slaved over last year for all of Isabella's grandparents. I must be crazy...
And adding on to that thought, I'm definitely insane because I also decided that for her 2010 book, I will be attempting to make all pages from scratch in Photoshop instead of using My Canvas or another program to design it. Overly ambitious? We'll see... Somehow Christmas seems really close all of a sudden... Photoshop Elements 8 should be here on Friday!! Can't wait to finally learn how to really use it!

I will not be overwhelmed by Photoshop... I will learn how to layer... I will not be overwhelmed by Photoshop...

(Hoping if I say that out loud over and over again that it might actually happen...)

And my final creative ambition this year is to learn how to take pictures. I don't expect to be the next pro photographer on the Tini (I will leave that amazing talent for Adrian because she is just amazing). However, it would be nice to know how to use this fancy, schmancy Canon 20D camera that I own that always frustrates me because I don't know what the hell I'm doing on it... Ray is working with me though. And I've been playing with it a bit. I have a LOT to learn, but practicing is fun.

I may not be a pro, but I'm having fun learning. And it helps having an adorable subject to work with... ;-)

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